Maxxis Victra MA-Z3 205/40R17 84W available in Barking

205/40R17 MAXXIS MAZ3 84W XL XL


Victra MA-Z3

205/40R17 MAXXIS MAZ3 84W XL

New tread base rubber compound reduces excessive heat generation for consistent handling and wear performance
Fully fitted price: £67.50


More information

  • Aggressive directional tread with two circumferential grooves reduces pattern noise and hydroplaning resistance while retaining good performance under dry road conditions
  • Multi-pitch tread blocks reduce pattern noise and improve overall driving experience
  • Large 3D shoulder tread blocks increase tread stiffness for better handling and steering response while improving tread wear
  • New microsilica-infused compound reduces rolling resistance and improves wet traction
  • Jointless spiral-wound cap ply maximizes ride refinement and durability
  • High-stiffness casing for improved high-speed stability and handling
  • UTQG 300 A A





W (Max Speed: 168mph)

84 (Max Load: 500kg)